"Let your home be a reflection of your life"

We believe that your home is an outward manifestation of your inner experience
— a reflection of yourself. Emerge yourself to a home-space that reflects your best self
and highest aspirations. As we like to say, as we design your home,
you have the opportunity to design your life as well.



Cilandak Stackhouse / Atelier Riri 70 From the architect. Stackhouse.Wh...

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After our three hit success marketing units on Stackhouse Cilandak Townhouse, we decided to bring our one last unoccupied unit to the whole new level. We gather our stylist and artist to give a new...

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Every building starts with a concept and a design. And this is the story of how we dedicate all of our efforts in concepting, designing and detailing the best living space in beautiful aestheticall...

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